New music

I've been a bit quiet here as I've been working on an intense production for nearly 6 months. More on that another time. Lots of exciting things coming up including a trip to China with BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Nick Luscombe's  Musicity project, to make music inspired by architecture, a theatre piece with Neil Cargill (Akiha Den Den) and more work with Andrew Phillips on TV soundtracks. 

In the meantime here is a track that just got released as part of a compilation tape on Modern Aviation Recordings. My bass heavy, boney Buchla rhythm workout, Dry Bones, sits nicely alongside tracks from Jon Brooks, Moon Wiring Club, Teresa Winter and The Hardy Tree. 

The cassette is sold out at the moment but I hear that the label might do a re-press. if you want to buy the digital version and support the label and artists, do that here