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Live score for a radio play

© Lighthouse. Photo by Roberta Matis.

© Lighthouse. Photo by Roberta Matis.

Performed at Lighthouse Arts in Brighton, this short medley is a taster for an in-development (now with funding!) radio drama set in an abandoned mid century amusement park. Much of the story is told through mysterious radio transmissions via the fictional character Mr. Cuttings. The setup for the performance was based around the Buchla Electric Music Box which provides electronic oscillations, percussive hits and rhythms and ghostly modulations. An Elektron Octatrack sampler plays a supporting role with pre-prepared elements that I'm able to manipulate live, whilst the Critter & Guitari Kaliedoloop is a lo-fi digital recorder that I filled with mysterious voices. It has only one control - a fast forward and rewind knob, which allows me to play it like a reel to reel tape machine, backwards and forwards at varying speeds.

© Lighthouse. Photo by Roberta Matis.

© Lighthouse. Photo by Roberta Matis.

The actual reel to reel tape machine, a Revox PR99, is used for tape echo. Last but not least a radio to pick up transmissions (pre-recorded material and contained on an ipad with a little FM transmitter plugged in) and an egg slicer, which has a contact mic attached and is plugged in to the Octatrack for further treatment.  Out of sight (and not really audible in the recording) are two '50s consumer 1/4 inch reel to reel tape machines, filled with 'transmissions' from the amusement park. These were placed at the back of the performance space behind the audience, and triggered by assistants.

Also you'll notice I have my back to the audience. I'm not being rude! I just find it an antidote to the usual setup of hiding behind stacks of gear pressing unseen buttons. I suppose I hoped people would be able to get a clearer view of what I'm doing.

Photo © Lighthouse. By Roberta Matis.