As a studio manager on over 200 BBC radio programmes, I have recorded, edited and mixed drama, documentaries and readings to the exacting standard expected on one of the longest running and highly respected broadcasters. I bring my musical and sound sensitivities to even the simplest production, my aim being to collaborate creatively with the producer/director to bring their story to life. 


I worked with writer/director Lance Dann on his Audible Production Award Gold winning series Blood Culture, an explosive podcast thriller about ethics, technology and the bleeding edges of science. I was part of the studio recording team, lead sound designer and composed music that was used throughout the series. It was a joy to work on a radio drama production where the use of sound design and music was so unapologeticly intense. 


My sound design and music have featured on programmes for BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio 4, most notably in Connecting, a Radio 3 Between the Ears feature which took listeners inside the 1970s phone network to discover the ‘phone phreakers’, precursors to today’s computer hackers.


The judges described the use of music and sound effects as ‘brilliant’ - taking the listener beyond the audio experience into an immersive world.
— Audible Audio Production Awards 2017 - Gold