Stirling Architecture Prize Films

Over the last couple of months I’ve been travelling around the UK with film maker and photographer Jim Stephenson, making films for The Architects’ Journal to showcase each of the Stirling Architecture Prize nominees for 2019. The films are beautifully shot by Jim, with a slowly paced edit allowing the eyes to take in the detail of each design. I like Jim’s spacious approach, and whilst the focus of the films themselves isn’t sound, Jim welcomed my attention to picking out the detail and richness of the structures and the added dimension of using unusual recording techniques such as contact microphones that pick up vibrations in materials, and electromagnetic microphones that pick up the hidden electronic signals normally hidden from our ears.

The films we be shared in the run up to the Stirling Prize announcement on the 8th of October. Find out more about the Stirling Prize here, and The Architects’ Journal here.