Dark Ride

During the 2014 Brighton Digital Festival, Persistent Peril and Paul Hayes created their very own miniature 'dark ride' (an indoor amusement ride where riders usually travel in some kind of vehicle) using Lego Monorail. The ride traveled through fantastic lands created by Lucy Irving, and members of the public could even 'ride' aboard the Monorail using virtual reality goggles.

Following The Simonsound Monorail trip in 2013 (a journey in electronic sound, released on 10" vinyl with a map of the ride) I've been pretty obsessed with theme parks and Imagineers - the men and women behind some of best immersive ride experiences at Disney Theme Parks. In the team behind Persistent Peril, I found kindred spirits equally mad about such things. I gladly provided a sonic treatment, featuring Buchla Electric Music Box and Aalto Synthesizer for this on board video.

For more like this take a ride aboard Monorail SS MkI and don't forget to purchase your souvenir record and map!

Mini Paper Pavilion Club

Mini Paper Pavilion Club make 1:1000 scale models of imaginary public spaces, otherwise known as Pavilions. The best of these are often found at Worlds Fairs, and some truly stunning examples can be seen at Expo 58 in Brussels, Expo 64 in New York, and Expo 67 in Montreal.  These kinds of exhibitions were a huge inspiration for The Simonsound single The Beam, and through a chance Twitter interaction the MPPC have created a model inspired by our celebration of the World's Fair's favorite mode of transport, The Monorail.


The Miniature Paper Pavilion Club meets biweekly in Vancouver to build ~1:100 scale architectural marvels. We are interested in creating imaginary celebrative public spaces - miniature beacons to all humankind, elevating the wonder of innovation and excellence!

See more of these amazing models here.