the beam

The Beam enters The Science Museum

Copies of The Simonsound science fantasy escapism record 'The Beam' will be available to buy at London's Science Museum from the 24th of June as part of The Poundshop.

The Poundshop is an art project with the goal of spreading design to a wider audience and create a platform for designers to sell their items with minimal risk in our pop-up shops. The Poundshop creates a bespoke interior for each shop and curates a unique product range selling wares that are well designed and have a function for the fantastic prices of £1, £5 and £10.

I have to admit to a sense of excitement at having this particular record for sale in a place that is full of science wonder and space adventure. It feels like the perfect home. I'm hoping to attend the launch event which coincides with Science Museum Lates, which this month explores The Next Big Thing.

Mini Paper Pavilion Club

Mini Paper Pavilion Club make 1:1000 scale models of imaginary public spaces, otherwise known as Pavilions. The best of these are often found at Worlds Fairs, and some truly stunning examples can be seen at Expo 58 in Brussels, Expo 64 in New York, and Expo 67 in Montreal.  These kinds of exhibitions were a huge inspiration for The Simonsound single The Beam, and through a chance Twitter interaction the MPPC have created a model inspired by our celebration of the World's Fair's favorite mode of transport, The Monorail.


The Miniature Paper Pavilion Club meets biweekly in Vancouver to build ~1:100 scale architectural marvels. We are interested in creating imaginary celebrative public spaces - miniature beacons to all humankind, elevating the wonder of innovation and excellence!

See more of these amazing models here.